Campaign Connection 2012: Voter Voices

It’s an election year. The candidates have plenty to say. But we want to hear from YOU!
  • What issues are important to you, and why?
  • What question would you ask the candidates for U.S. Senate?
“Campaign Connection 2012: Voter Voices” is a unique election year project of NET News (Nebraska Public Television and Radio), in partnership with the Nebraska Library Commission. Using web cameras and a YouTube channel, we’re gathering your thoughts, perspective and questions to share with the candidates, and the rest of Nebraska, on television, radio, web and social media. In addition, videos can be recorded from home. The project also includes roundtable discussions at select locations. We're regularly using content in NET News radio Signature Stories and on the web and social media, with a television program planned for the fall.

“Voter Voices” continues NET's long tradition of award-winning, "out-of-the-box" election projects that challenge and inform voters and candidates alike, including "The Choice," "You Build the Budget," "Hire Me for the House," “68: The Year Nebraska Mattered,” "Nebraska Voter Diaries," "Inside the Thompson Campaign" and "Nebraska's Senate Race."

Help frame the election year discussion by taking part in “Campaign Connection 2012: Voter Voices.”

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