Make Your Own Video

Not near a Voter Voices library location? You can also send us digital file of a video you record from home. Here’s how:

Record Your Video
Looking into the camera, start by giving us your name and hometown. Pick a single issue and tell us why it’s important to you and what shaped your opinion. Share a story or anecdote, if that helps explain your perspective. End your video with a direct question for candidates in the U.S. Senate race. Try and keep your video to approximately two minutes in length.  

Send Us Your Video
Using the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Dropbox ( or any other dropbox tool. E-mail directions for accessing the video to In your e-mail, please include your name, age, hometown, occupation, phone number and e-mail address for possible future contact.

Note: Not all videos will be used and videos will likely not be posted or aired in their entirety; content will be edited for different forms of presentation. Videos become the property of NET News.

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