Friday, June 22, 2012

Marlene Fey (Nebraska City) on voter ID and taxes

Recorded at the Morton-James Public Library in Nebraska City. What are your thoughts on these issues? Add your comments to this post!

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  1. Poll worker training costs would increase with voter ID regs. Exception rules double or triple --e.g. i) not on the list but has valid ID ii) not on list does not have, or failed to bring, valid id iii) on list has invalid ID (e.g. drivers license from a different state or some other mismatched ID criteria vs name/address on registry) Also subsequent costs increase in election commissioner's office for those "new exceptions" as such voters would have X days to supply missing ID or further validation data or whatever.
    since 2000, only 10 alleged impersonation voter cases [nationwide (?)], fewer than 1 per year, and if none of those allegations were proved, why spend taxpayer $s on a non-problem?? It's a felony to vote under someone else's name; to register to vote, one must show ID, in NE almost always soc sec #s. Real concern is election fraud, e.g. for every X votes for Candidate A, (X-Y) are counted and Y votes are fraudulently counted for Candidate B. If someone is going to risk a felony, he/she may as well make it count by racking up far more than 1 impersonation vote! The Florida case you reference was attempting to purge more than dead people, e.g. over 100,000 whose naturalization papers hadn't cleared yet; thus Holder probably felt compelled to ease the illegal "cleansing" of questionable citizens at time of registration, but probably no longer questionable at time of vote. Before those votes (whatever fraction of those awaiting-final-naturalization-paper-work in fact vote) are counted, they would be screened by the election commissioners office, i.e. separated for later potential counting by those trained poll workers rather than included with "run of the mill" ballots.